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Home Ventilation History

Home Ventilation History

Dust, moisture, gases, odors, and other pollutants can build up to high levels indoors. Your home needs to breathe to get this dirty air out. That’s where ventilation comes in. Ventilation has come a long way from humble beginnings to the modern mechanical ventilation strategies we have today. Take a brief journey into the history of home ventilation to see how it has evolved over the years.

Early Solutions

The concern about bad indoor air has been around for hundreds of years. Humans recognized the need to get rid of bad indoor air after they moved open fires for heating and cooking indoors. Holes and cracks in roofs were used to vent smoke out of living quarters. For instance, the flat roofs of Early Roman homes had vent holes to allow smoke to move to the outside.

Chimneys only started becoming widespread in around the 11th and 12th centuries. Evidently, the flues at the time didn’t draft properly as there was a significant number of deaths due to inhalation of carbon monoxide.

An Early Ventilation Law

In 1631, King Charles I decreed that British homes must have ceilings that are at least ten feet high and windows that are higher than their width to facilitate ventilation. This was probably the first ever ventilation code and was as a result of health problems being attributed to indoor conditions.

Ventilation Fans

In the 1700s, Dr. Desaguliers designed rotary fans that were used to ventilate prisons, hospitals, and other buildings. Electric-powered fans started being utilized in the late 1800s after Michael Faraday invented the electric motor. By 1866, B.F. Sturtevant Company was supplying ventilating fans to the U.S. Capitol.

Today, designers have established how to improve the old approaches to ventilate houses of all sizes and shapes together with mechanical methods.

Home ventilation has evolved greatly over the centuries, at times through trial and error, into the solutions we have today that safely and successfully remove indoor air pollutants and help regulate temperature. If you need help with ventilation, contact Beyer Boys. We serve the home comfort needs of San Antonio residents.