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How to Puppy-Proof Your HVAC System

How to Puppy-Proof Your HVAC SystemPuppies are just so darned cute. It’s a good thing, because otherwise, given the amount of destruction they’re capable of, no homeowners in their right minds would want to take on these unruly balls of fur, teeth and energy.

If you have a puppy or are thinking of getting one, here are some good tips on HVAC protection.

Puppy Mayhem and the HVAC System

  1. Do you have floor vents? If so, imagine what it would be like if your puppy urinated inside one. Hard to clean, and the air that’s wafting out is likely to smell for a long, long time. Try placing something difficult to move but that still allows air circulation on it — a laundry basket with a weight on it? — until you can get your puppy trained to go outside. Clean out the vent as well as you are able with pet urine cleaner available from the pet store. You may need to use something long such as a broom handle with towels wrapped around it to reach more distant areas. In worst cases, you may need to schedule duct cleaning.
  2. Once your puppy is spending more time outside, the outdoor condenser/compressor may be targeted for marking with urine. Erect a barrier around it, but without cutting off airflow.
  3. Are your wires within reach of the dog? Puppies love to chew, and see no reason not to chomp down on the wires of your HVAC system or any other appliance. The wires and cables leading from the A/C unit to the house may be particularly tempting. One of the lines contains refrigerant, which could be a disaster for the puppy and the A/C if Fido ever starts attacking it.
  4. If your puppy or adult dog sheds excessively, this can clog your outdoor unit to the point your A/C won’t cool properly and will eventually break down. Indoors, shedding hair can clog your HVAC air filter fairly fast, so check it and change it often.

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