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HVAC Considerations for Home Remodels

HVAC Considerations for Home RemodelsAs you plan to move forward with your home renovations, it’s a good idea to bring your HVAC professional into the process with you. The comfort of your home and your energy bills will likely be affected by the plans you have in mind for the project.

Overall Considerations

Exploring your options for the HVAC system is important early on because which you choose could affect the design of the renovation. Ductwork, for example, takes up space in the walls or ceiling. The earlier it’s planned for, the better since it will affect the finished room or space. If you need a new system altogether, it’s best to learn it early so you can arrange for physical changes, if needed, or financing.

Most Common Options

  • Keep the existing system. When your HVAC system will be capable of conditioning the new or retrofit space, all you may need to do is extend the ductwork to the new space and have the airflow rebalanced.
  • Replace the existing system. If your equipment is aging or you’ve experienced frequent repairs, it might be time to replace it. You might be able to fold the cost of the HVAC system into the renovation loan or qualify for better financing if you combine a high-efficiency HVAC system with building techniques that foster high energy efficiency.
  • Choose a separate system. A ductless mini split is often the best solution for home renovations that involve a home addition, an isolated room, or a garage or attic retrofit. A ductless mini split heat pump will give you energy efficient heating and cooling in the new space. They are the only kind of high-efficiency heating system that doesn’t require a combustible fuel.

    Mini splits are fairly easy to install, require no ductwork and have their own thermostats. If you’re not using the new space, you can turn the system off, which saves even more energy.

If you’d like to learn more, contact the pros at Beyer Boys to discuss your home renovations to find the best solution for your San Antonio home.

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