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What Affects Your HVAC Costs?

What Affects Your HVAC Costs?If you’re in the market for a new HVAC system, you may be wondering why the companies you’ve called find it difficult to give you an exact figure for your total HVAC costs over the phone. The reason behind that is there are a number of factors that team up to influence the price of the system you choose to install. Let’s learn more about each of these factors:

House Size

The bigger your home, the larger the HVAC unit you’ll require to heat or cool it adequately. A unit that’s too small or too big for your home won’t be energy efficient and will experience increased wear and tear. Your contractor can perform a load calculation to determine the right HVAC equipment size for your home.

System Type

There are plenty of systems you can choose from such as modulating furnaces, packaged systems, and mini-split air conditioners. Each type of system will come with different equipment and installation costs. Be sure to do thorough research on the various options available. Talk to a trusted dealer about the costs and benefits of the systems.

Quality of Components

Besides a furnace and A/C unit, other components that make up an HVAC system include air ducts, registers, grilles, electrical controls, and venting systems. Their prices vary by quality.

Optional Accessories

Certain add-ons will improve the performance of your new HVAC system, such as UV lamps, air cleaners, and humidifiers. However, they’ll add to your HVAC costs. For instance, humidifiers will require additional ductwork, piping, and electrical connections.

Project Difficulty

The difficulty level of your system installation will have an impact on the cost. If the project requires numerous custom fabricated parts or installation in small, hard-to-access places, the price for the job will increase. That’s because more time and money will have to be spent on planning, parts, and labor.

Knowing the factors that influence the costs of an HVAC system helps you determine what you need and what you could do without. For more information on HVAC costs, contact Beyer Boys. We proudly serve the San Antonio area.

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