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HVAC Industry Changes to Know in 2018

In 2018 you might experience several HVAC industry changes if you’re buying or selling a home or installing a new system. The HVAC industry is always working toward better efficiency that not only lowers home energy bills, but also protects your health indoors and that of the planet.

The biggest change to the RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) standards will be to the amount of ventilation in homes. It’s reverting to the standard established in 2010 that stands at 1 cubic foot per minute (cfm) of square footage under roof plus 7.5 cfm for each bedroom in the home. For example, a home with 1,000 square feet of area under the roof and three bedrooms would need 100 cfm of ventilation and an additional 23.5 cfm for the bedrooms, for a total of 123.5 cfm.

Who’s Affected

These HVAC industry changes will affect you if you’re buying a new home because the builder will have to adhere to this new building code standard. If you’re selling and the buyer requests an energy efficiency evaluation, the amount of ventilation in your home will be compared to the HERS (Home Energy Rating System) index home to this new standard.

The types of ventilation systems the new standard applies to include exhaust (kitchen and bathroom fans, as well as attic or whole-house fans) and balanced (mechanical ventilators like heat recovery ventilators).

Refrigerant Handling Rules

In response to phasing out R-22, the U.S. Department of Energy is stepping up their requirements for technicians who handle ozone depleting refrigerants, like R-22.

In 2018 and thereafter, technicians must pass an examination to receive the refrigerant-handling certificate and keep it for three years after it expires. They must record how much refrigerant they removed and keep records of equipment disposal that uses five or more pounds of ozone-depleting refrigerants, which includes most central air conditioners and heat pumps.

Contractors will execute these HVAC industry changes seamlessly when working with you on new system installations or home energy evaluations. To learn more, contact Beyer Boys, providing HVAC services for San Antonio homeowners.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the greater San Antonio, Texas area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  

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