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Ideal HVAC Settings for Mild Weather

Ideal HVAC Settings for Mild WeatherMost of us in Texas can’t wait for the milder weather that fall brings. Still, milder weather also heralds some difficulties when it comes to determining our fall HVAC settings.

Sometimes, it’s cool enough that we can actually turn the air conditioner off and open the windows, particularly at night, although the high humidity of San Antonio may put a damper on this.

Otherwise, we need to adjust our thermostat settings as the fall weather gets cooler. Here are some recommendations.

Setting a Thermostat Schedule

In general, a programmable or Wi-fi thermostat can be set for energy efficiency by raising or lowering the temperature in summer or winter, depending on the time of day and the activity of the home’s occupants. For instance, in summer, we can save energy by setting the thermostat a bit higher than normal during the day when the home’s occupants are gone, and at night, when they are inactive. The temperature can be lowered when people are active, in the morning and in the afternoon when they get home. The reverse can be done in the winter. The schedule can be adjusted as needed for mild weather in the fall and spring.

Most experts say the ideal home temperature in summer is 78 degrees, and in winter, it’s 68 degrees. As mentioned above, the temperature should be lowered or raised to save energy, depending on the time of day and the season. In warmer times you can leave the thermostat higher and use fans to cool those people in your household who aren’t comfortable. In winter, if 68 degrees is too chilly, people can wear more layers, or use space heater when they are up and about, and blankets at night.


Whatever temperature you choose, remember to set the thermostat and then let it be. Do not adjust temperatures frequently or erratically, or you can damage the HVAC system. Further, keep in mind that turning the thermostat way up or down will not cool or heat the home any quicker.

For more on fall HVAC settings, contact Beyer Boys of San Antonio.

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