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Ideal Temperature for Pets in the Fall

Autumn in San Antonio usually means the arrival of pleasant outdoor temperatures. For pets indoors, however, fall can mean a time of adjustment to uncomfortable temperature changes if their home’s thermostat is set too high or too low. Here are ways to ensure the temperature for pets is just right in your home while maintaining energy-efficiency.

The Ideal Temperature

It is not always easy to determine the best temperature for pets because many things factor into the equation. These include your home’s humidity and your pet’s age, breed, and general health. Sickly or aged pets, for example, have more difficulty adapting to any temperature change, and snub-nosed breeds overheat more easily than those with a longer snout.

The general rule of thumb is that most pets will be comfortable in the same temperature range as humans. This means you should resist the impulse to program your thermostat for overly cool or overly warm temperatures while you are away. Aim to keep the thermostat set to a reasonable temperature for fall and winter, such as 65 to 70 degrees, with few fluctuations throughout the day.

Maintaining Energy-Efficiency

Keeping pets comfortable doesn’t mean your home can’t be energy-efficient. If you keep your home just a couple of degrees cooler than you usually would this fall, both you and your pets should be able to adapt and you will save money. Here are a few more tips:

  • Create cooling spots and warming spots – a pet’s room or kennel should have both cool flooring and warm bedding so she can cool off or warm up as needed, for example.
  • Weatherproof the home – take care of air leaks around windows and doors, use energy-efficient curtains or shades, and improve insulation.
  • Use a zoning system – a zoning system allows you to customize the temperature in separate areas of the home. You can keep a pet’s area comfortable while setting other areas to more energy-efficient temperatures while you are gone.

For more about keeping your home at a safe temperature for pets, please contact us at Beyer Boys.

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