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The Importance of Garage Ventilation

If you make a mad dash from the garage to the house in the summer, it could be the fumes, right along with the heat when garage ventilation is inadequate. A typical garage has plenty of chemical products inside it that aren’t healthy to breathe any time of year, but more so in the summer. The heat makes chemicals evaporate faster and while they still emit fumes during the cooler months, it’s more noticeable when temperatures climb.

Taking the time and making the expense to ventilate the garage will improve its air quality, which could have a beneficial impact on everyone’s health.

Why Ventilate?

If your garage is attached to your house, you could be breathing polluted air indoors that comes from the garage. If it’s separate from the house, it’s still a hazard when accessing your vehicle or spending time inside it.

Vehicles, chemicals and yard equipment all emit dangerous byproducts called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Vehicle exhaust contains plenty of VOCs as well as carbon monoxide. Insecticides, herbicides, pool chemicals and fertilizers contain VOCs as well as other toxic gases and solids. Paints, adhesives, solvents and other chemicals used around the house also emit unhealthy VOCs.

How to Ventilate

An exhaust fan will provide adequate garage ventilation and it’s not an expensive project, whether it’s a do-it-yourself job or you hire a contractor. However, there are some conditions that you may need to consider before going forward:

  • Is there a gas water heater in the garage? If so, the exhaust fan may backdraft carbon monoxide into the garage if the water heater relies on natural drafting.
  • Where is the air handler for your HVAC system? Building codes don’t allow air handlers in the garage anymore because they’re an indoor air hazard.
  • Does your garage have supply registers from the HVAC system? Regardless of whether you install an exhaust fan, vents in the garage require special consideration for indoor air quality.

If you’re concerned about your home’s air quality, consider improving its garage ventilation. For more information, contact Beyer Boys, providing HVAC services for San Antonio homeowners.

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