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Industry Best Practices: HVAC Options for Old Houses

HVAC options for old housesGorgeous high ceilings, real plaster walls, and solid woodwork are just some of the embodiments of unique craftsmanship that old homes offer. Unfortunately, looking for HVAC options for old houses can be a daunting task due to their structural differences from newer homes and the need to uphold their existing aesthetic character.

Heating and Cooling Challenges in Old Homes

Many old houses lack infrastructure like ductwork that’s required to accommodate forced HVAC systems. Adding ducts to your old home would need the creation of big holes in ceilings and walls and the lowering of ceiling heights. That would mean altering the original treasurable finishes.

Through-the-wall and window units may not require you to tear up your space. However, they can ruin your home’s beauty and cause condensation drips that damage its exterior.

The Best HVAC Options Available

The existing HVAC systems in older homes are significantly less energy efficient than the modern options in newer homes. Therefore, it’s necessary to upgrade them. The systems below are not only efficient but also old-house friendly:

  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system — A VRF system can use refrigerant lines connected to several indoor fan coil units instead of ductwork. The multiple indoor units run at the exact capacity required at current conditions and allow you to create different temperature zones in your house.
  • High-velocity HVAC system — This system moves conditioned air through mini-ducts at high speeds. The ducts have a diameter of approximately three inches, so they can be snaked through the walls and over ceilings without needing to drop the ceilings or cut large chases.
  • Ductless mini-split HVAC — The system consists of indoor and outdoor units that are connected through a line set with electrical wiring and refrigerant piping. It only requires a two-inch to three-inch hole to be cut in the outside wall. A mini split also allows you to run multiple individually controlled zones.

Any of these HVAC systems will keep your old home’s interior at comfortable temperatures while causing minimum change to its antique fabric. If you need help with choosing HVAC options for old houses in the San Antonio area, contact the heating and cooling experts at Beyer Boys.