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January HVAC Maintenance Tips

January HVAC Maintenance TipsOnce the hectic holiday season is over, you can slow down a bit and take a well-earned rest. After you’ve had a chance to catch your breath, plan to prioritize these HVAC maintenance chores to keep your home safe, warm and comfortable all winter long.

Re-check Your Thermostat Settings

January is a good point in the season to reassess your energy consumption and monthly heating bills. If they’re too high, you can help trim excess energy use by evaluating your thermostat settings and making some adjustments. For the greatest potential savings, be sure to schedule 8- to 10-degree temperature setbacks for eight-hour periods daily. Often, the most convenient setback periods are overnight when everyone is sleeping, or during the day when the house isn’t occupied.

Replace Thermostat and Detector Batteries

When you’re updating your thermostat settings, replace the unit’s batteries, and put fresh ones in each of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors too. With new batteries installed in each device, you’ll have peace of mind that your thermostat programming won’t get erased, and your detectors can protect your family during a winter power outage.

Inspect Your Furnace Filter

During the busy holiday season, doing a monthly air filter inspection can easily slip your mind. If you skipped your December filter checkup, now’s the time to inspect its condition and replace it if there’s any visible debris accumulation. Tackling this basic maintenance task is important because a dirty filter can increase your furnace’s workload and adversely affect its efficiency and reliability.

Give Your HVAC Registers Some TLC

Periodically checking and cleaning your HVAC registers helps ensure that the furnace’s warm air output gets distributed properly for better temperature control, and it can also prevent potential airflow restrictions that harm your heating equipment. Vacuum each register opening, make sure all your supply register louvers are fully open and that both your registers and return air grilles aren’t blocked by rugs, furniture, drapes or other household items.

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