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New HVAC Purchase Checklist

New HVAC Purchase ChecklistMaybe it’s been a long time since you bought a new HVAC system. After all, your furnace and air conditioner were designed to last — from 10 to 20 years. Perhaps you’re not sure what to replace your old workhorse with. So here’s a brief rundown of the major HVAC types to consider in our region, and some of the bells and whistles that go with them.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are being seen more and more in the American home. They work by moving warm air out of the home to cool, and moving warm air indoors for heating. Recognized as an efficient and clean type of HVAC system, heat pumps work best in warmer regions such as ours. Look for heat pumps with a scrolling compressor, and a dual fuel option, where the unit switches to a furnace as backup in times of extreme cold.

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless minis are a type of heat pump, but they don’t need ductwork. Conditioned air is distributed by air handlers located throughout the home. Ductless minis are an efficient and clean option.

Forced Air, A/C and Heating

The most common type of heating and cooling in the U.S., forced or central air uses ductwork to distribute conditioned air. For residences, the most common type is the split system, with the condenser/compressor unit located outdoors, and the evaporator coils and air handler located indoors. These days, you can choose features that help make the forced air HVAC quieter and more efficient, including for the furnace, electronically commutated motor and condensing ability, and for the A/C, a scroll compressor and modulating capacity.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Your property must be configured right to install a geothermal heat pump, which makes use of the warm air in the ground to heat your home, and like other heat pumps, moves the heat out of your home to cool. These installations are usually pricey, but it’s a clean and super-efficient way to heat and cool.

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