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Prepare Your Home for a New HVAC System Installation

Prepare Your Home for a New HVAC System InstallationIf you have decided to replace your home’s central cooling or heating system, it’s a good idea to take some essential steps in advance of the new HVAC system installation. Your home should be ready for the new equipment, while the system itself should be properly sized for your particular home.

Take the following steps with any new HVAC system installation:

  • Contract with your trusted local HVAC contractor to perform an energy audit on your house. This will ensure that your home is properly weatherized before the contractor takes steps to size a new cooling or heating system. The energy auditor will use specialized analytical and scanning equipment to determine where air is leaking from the house and ductwork, and where insulation is inadequate or missing. Once you have this information, you can proceed with air sealing, insulation improvements, and any other steps to improve energy efficiency in the home.
  • Now that the house is properly weatherized, the contractor should calculate the home’s cooling or heating load, depending on the type of system that will be installed in your house. This takes into account the home’s size and layout; energy efficiency; orientation on the lot; type, size, location and number of windows; and assorted other factors. The new HVAC system installation will be sized with the cooling or heating load in mind. An under- or over-sized HVAC system will result in a number of problems, including wasted energy, unnecessary stress on parts, and uneven heating or cooling.
  • Make sure the ductwork is properly cleaned and sealed. It doesn’t make sense to invest in a quality HVAC system if the conditioned air has trouble moving through ducts or leaks into unconditioned areas. The aforementioned energy audit should include testing the ductwork for leaks and other issues.
  • Before the HVAC system installers show up at your home, clear a path to the spot where the equipment will go. Move away boxes, furniture, old carpets, and anything else that will get in the way.

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