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Noisy HVAC? Common Reasons Behind HVAC Noise

Noisy HVAC? Common Reasons Behind HVAC NoiseHVAC systems are noisy for a variety of reasons, from noisy air ducts, to loud compressors, to a loud motor in the air handler. Sometimes it’s hard for homeowners to tell what’s causing the noise. Does your HVAC system just normally run at a high decibel? Or is there something wrong that needs fixing?

It’s always best to call in an HVAC technician who is trained at listening to the noises the heating and air conditioner make, and who can usually pinpoint whether some noise is a problem or just normal operation.

But in the meantime, here’s some smart HVAC information that can steer you in the right direction for finding the source of that noise.

High-, Low-Decibel HVAC

HVAC systems are measured in decibels. Low-decibel models are designed with features that make them extra quiet, including these:

  • Variable-speed blow fan to circulate air in the home. The fan runs at different speeds, rather than full force all the time.
  • Noise-reducing fan blades make the overall system quieter.
  • Compressors tend to be loud, so those that are well insulated reduce noise considerably. Compressor mounting materials may also help.

And remember, when replacing your HVAC system: larger units tend to be louder.

Most Common Noises

Screeching, squealing, rattling and banging in the indoor components may be serious or not, calling for lubricant, tightened parts or belts replaced. Clicking can be due to the communication between the capacitors and thermostat being broken and can signal a defective relay. Check rattling sounds for broken fans.

Ductwork issues can be one of the most common noise-producers. Sometimes ducts are not sized properly for the volume of air that the system sends through them, and noise can be the result. Insulation around the ducts may be helpful.

Ask your technician to check ducts for sags or bends that might restrict airflow. Maybe there’s a problem with the duct design that needs addressing. Is the air filter dirty? A dirty filter can restrict airflow, causing the system to work harder and more noisily.

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