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Party Considerations for Birthday Bashes

Party Considerations for Birthday BashesA properly installed residential HVAC system is designed to heat and cool efficiently to meet the comfort needs of just a few people – your family. If you’re going to host a birthday bash for a larger group, you can ensure the comfort of your guests by factoring these HVAC party considerations into your planning:

Tackle Maintenance and Repairs

If you haven’t done so already this season, schedule a system maintenance appointment with a trusted HVAC company. During the visit, a trained technician will inspect, clean and tune-up your HVAC system so it stays running reliably and efficiently. They can also identify any developing problems that might cause an unexpected breakdown when you have guests and your HVAC is under a heavy workload, so you can get any necessary repairs completed before your party date.

Adjust Your Thermostat Settings

Making some minor adjustments to the temperature settings on your programmable thermostat can make your indoor space more comfortable while you have a house full of party guests. Check the weather forecast for the day of your birthday bash, and increase or decrease your usual temperature settings by a few degrees. Have the system running a couple of hours before everyone arrives, so it can reach your chosen temperature and clear out any excess humidity.

Advise Your Guests to Dress for the Weather

Temperatures here in San Antonio can vary this time of year, so watch the forecast and advise your guests in advance how to dress for your event. With a heads up just before the party, your family and friends will know whether to dress lightly, or bring an extra sweater so they’ll be more comfortable.

Factor Comfort into Your Menu

If your party is scheduled for a warmer day, plan your menu around iced beverages and chilled appetizers and main dishes. If it’s going to be colder outside, plan to serve hot chocolate, coffee or cider, and piping-hot dishes to help warm everyone up.

If you’re taking care of party considerations for a planned birthday bash, contact us today at Beyer Boys to schedule expert HVAC system maintenance.

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