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Potential Air Conditioning Health Risks

One essential component to good health is the environment in which you live. As we enter into the hot summer months, you may be wondering about air conditioning affects on health.

Is Air Conditioning Healthy?

By and large, the answer is a resounding yes. A properly functioning AC unit provides your home with better air quality than an open window. Air from your AC unit is filtered prior to entering your home. This helps eliminate pollens and pollutants from your indoor air. Additionally, by keeping your home at a consistently cooler temperature, you are not only more comfortable but you are also helping to prevent heat related illnesses and injuries common during the brutal heat of summer.

Potential Health Issues

While air conditioning affects on health are generally positive, there are some health issues that can arise. One of the more common issues comes from improper maintenance. Clogged filters and blocked ducts can lead to the spread of bacteria, mold and viruses.

High Humidity and Bacteria

Another common health issue with air conditioning problems is high humidity. This may be caused by a unit that is too big for your home. Air conditioning by design help eliminate humidity from the air. When a unit is too large for the area its cooling, it will not run long enough to effectively remove the humidity from the air. If this happens, may grow and spread because of the dampness in the air.

Proper Maintenance

In order to keep your air conditioning in good working order and to maintain a healthy household, it is essential that you get proper maintenance on your unit periodically. During your annual service, a skilled technician should inspect and clean the entire system. This will remove any accumulated mold and dust that may have settled into the system. Your technician will also test the ensure that humidity levels are optimal. Lastly, always use a certified technician to avoid the potential for exposure to refrigerant.

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