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Preventing Mold in Your HVAC During Mold Awareness Month

In keeping with Mold Awareness Month, we’re highlighting a few ways that mold contamination may affect your HVAC system. Certain types of mold growth in a house can be toxic to residents continuously exposed to it. Mold contamination generally spreads by releasing microscopic airborne spores into the indoor environment. Because the air inside your house continuously circulates through your HVAC system, specific components may be susceptible to mold contamination.

Mold Awareness Month is a good time to have your system checked out. Here are the main areas that might be at risk.

A/C Evaporator Coil

Installed inside the indoor air handler, the evaporator coil extracts heat from the system airflow as well as condensing water vapor out of the air. While the A/C is running, the coil typically remains dripping wet. As household air passes through the coil, dormant mold spores in the airflow contact water. Moisture is a key ingredient that converts dormant spores into the active mode that produces growing mold contamination. The air passages of an evaporator coil are a frequent focus of mold contamination. If present, mold growth requires professional coil cleaning and sterilization.

Condensate Drip Pan

Located beneath the indoor air handler, the drip pan collects condensation dripping off the evaporator coil, then diverts it into the household drain system. Mold and/or algae may flourish in the warm, wet environment of the drip pan—particularly if the drain line is blocked or sluggish. Cleaning the drip pan and adding time-release biocide tablets for continuous mold control—as well as blowing out the drain line to ensure proper flow—eliminates contamination.

Duct Issues

Ductwork may accumulate spores that convert into growing mold when exposed to moisture sources including high humidity present in the system airflow or water intrusion from roof leaks or other defects. Because most ductwork is inaccessible to the average homeowner, eliminating contamination requires a professional duct inspection as well as treatment with specially formulated biocides if presence of mold is confirmed.

Observing Mold Awareness Month helps ensure a healthy indoor environment all year round. Schedule an HVAC inspection with the professionals at Beyer Boys.