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You Should Invest in Preventive HVAC Maintenance. Here’s Why

You Should Invest in Preventive HVAC Maintenance. Here’s WhyRelative to the time and money preventive HVAC maintenance requires, it’s a low-risk and high-reward way to ensure your comfort. The routine care you and your HVAC contractor provide pays you back in the short and long term in lower energy bills, fewer repairs and longer system life.

Routine Maintenance

  • Check and change the air filter monthly during peak heating and cooling seasons. A dirty filter is often the root cause of high conditioning costs and premature part failure. Running your system with a dirty filter slows the air flowing through the air handler, which increases its running time and strains the parts.
  • Tend to the outdoor condenser year-round if you use a heat pump, or throughout the cooling system if you have a gas pack, which is a gas furnace combined with central air conditioning. The coil that’s inside the condenser performs best when it’s clean and unobstructed.

Professional Maintenance

Preventive HVAC maintenance offers its highest payback when it’s performed twice a year. As these systems run, parts loosen, use oil and collect dust and grime. The services a professional HVAC technician performs will improve the system’s efficiency as much as possible, as well as:

  • Reduce the likelihood of breakdowns — During a maintenance visit, the technician will spot small problems that could escalate if ignored. Checking the refrigerant level and adjusting it improves energy efficiency and prolongs the life of the compressor, the system’s most expensive part.
  • Increase safety — A gas furnace needs to be checked for safe combustion and venting. Electrical components inside HVAC systems need to be cleaned and lubricated to transfer electricity more efficiently to prevent overheating.
  • Extend system life — All parts of an HVAC system work together synergistically, and when one is compromised, it can adversely ripple through the others. When your system is clean and adjusted, it has less stress on its key components.

Compared to the time and energy it takes, preventive HVAC maintenance provides significant benefits. To learn more, contact Beyer Boys, providing trusted HVAC services for San Antonio homeowners.

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