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Prolong the Life of Your HVAC Unit with HVAC Condensor Fan Motor Care

Prolong the Life of Your Unit with HVAC Condenser Fan Motor CareThe fan inside your outdoor condenser unit has a big impact on the performance of your entire HVAC system. The fan motor is what makes the blades spin and move air to help cool the coil and make heat transfer effective. By taking proper care of the HVAC condenser fan motor, you can prevent problems and help prolong the life of your HVAC unit.

Preventing Overheating is the Key to Fan Motor Care

The fan that cools your condenser coil is built to run reliably up to a certain temperature – 150 degrees is typical. If the fan motor gets too hot and quits, the blades will stop rotating, and this creates a domino effect of overheating that can cause compressor damage or failure.

You can tell if problems are developing with the fan motor by staying alert for these warning signs:

  • Airflow from your registers doesn’t feel as cool as usual
  • Your outdoor unit cabinet top is hot to the touch (instead of just warm)
  • There’s a steady buzzing/humming noise coming from the outdoor unit
  • You get an odor of melted electrical wiring from the condenser cabinet

Potential Causes of Fan Motor Failure

A fan motor can overheat, become unreliable or even fail for various reasons:

  • Faulty capacitor. If the capacitor goes bad, the fan speed can slow, or the motor can fail completely.
  • Electrical component deterioration. Issues with the electrical circuit board or wiring can make the fan motor stop and start unpredictably, or give out.
  • Insufficient airflow. If there isn’t enough clearance around your outdoor unit to ensure ample airflow through the cabinet, the fan is more likely to overheat and quit working.
  • Overlooked maintenance. If your HVAC system isn’t being maintained regularly, a dirt buildup/lack of sufficient lubrication can put the fan motor at risk of overheating and seizing up.

Annual maintenance that includes inspecting the electrical components, cleaning the fan and lubricating the motor can prevent problems and prolong the life of your HVAC unit.

To schedule preventive maintenance and HVAC condenser fan motor care for your San Antonio home, contact us at Beyer Boys.