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Proper Kitchen Ventilation for Thanksgiving Cooking

Proper Kitchen Ventilation for Thanksgiving CookingHosting Thanksgiving dinner at your San Antonio home means that your stove and oven will be working hard. This can make your kitchen and the rest of your home feel stuffy and uncomfortably warm for you and all of your guests. Knowing more about proper kitchen ventilation can help ensure that your home stays comfortable for the holiday.

Check Your Exhaust Fan

Check the exhaust fan over your stove to make sure that it’s working properly, since this is an essential component of kitchen ventilation. This fan helps pull heat and humidity out of your kitchen, so that they won’t fill up your home. If your exhaust fan isn’t working right, have repairs made or replace parts as needed. On Thanksgiving day, turn your exhaust fan on while you’re preparing your food. This should help keep your dining room from becoming too stuffy during dinner.

Keep Your Windows Open

Thanksgiving day temperatures are generally mild in the San Antonio area, so you don’t have to worry about letting in a bunch of cold air. As you’re cooking your turkey in the oven and making side dishes on the stove, open your kitchen windows to let fresh air in. Opening the windows also lets moisture and heat out of your kitchen, making your home feel more comfortable. If it’s hot outside, you can place a box fan in the window and have it face outwards to draw heated air out of your kitchen while preventing hot outdoor air from coming in.

Turn on Your Air Conditioner

Running your air conditioner won’t directly ventilate your kitchen, but it can help keep this room and the rest of your home cool. If you do use your air conditioner, close the windows first to prevent your HVAC unit from working overtime to cool your home and the great outdoors.

If you need more information on proper kitchen ventilation for your home this Thanksgiving, please contact Beyer Boys. We offer dependable HVAC services for homeowners in the San Antonio area.

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