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Reduce Spring Allergies in Your Home

Reduce Spring Allergies in Your HomeAllergy sufferers hardly get a break these days, as it seems there’s an outbreak of moderate to high levels of pollen every few weeks. In our region, different species of juniper (also known as cedar) and different species of dock (a common weed also known as sorrel) are currently giving off varying levels of pollen, from low to moderate to high, causing allergic reactions among many. So what are you to do to escape the ravages of spring allergies?

Avoiding Pollen

The answer to avoiding allergic reactions to pollen is to stay indoors. If you have to work outdoors, you may have to take medication or even get a series of allergy shots to help you deal with the symptoms. Allergy masks can also help.

Indoor Air Quality

Inside your home, you can take steps to improve indoor air quality by limiting levels of pollen.

Pollen enters your home through open doors and windows, and may even get in through small cracks if your house is not tightly sealed. It’s best when pollen levels are high to keep doors and windows closed, and use your HVAC system to help clean your air.

Pollen can hitch a ride on your clothes or pets, so brush off both before entering the home. Or, you may want to change clothes as soon as you enter. Put the clothes you’ve worn outside in a hamper or the washing machine right away.

Change your system’s air filter often. Be sure to choose a better quality filter, preferably a pleated model made of dense polyester. Choose a model with a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) between 8-12. Anything lower than 8 won’t trap pollen as efficiently. Some manufacturers use a different rating system than MERV, but whichever type you choose, go for a mid-range rating, as super high efficiency filters will slow down your air flow.

You might also look into an air cleaner. There are many types, so be sure to find one that specifically targets pollen removal.

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