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4 Things to Consider Before You Replace Your Furnace 

Every furnace eventually gives up the ghost, and when it comes time to replace your furnace, the process requires more consideration than simply saying, “I want one just like my old one.”

Consider the following when it’s time to replace your furnace:

Do you want to stick with the same fuel source that your old furnace burned?

The answer to this question probably is yes, since changing the fuel source likely will require potentially expensive modifications to your home, such as plumbing, venting and wiring. At the same time, don’t automatically reject the option of changing to a different type of heating system. In our South Texas climate with its short and mild winters, upgrading from a furnace to an electric heat pump might make the most sense.

What energy-efficiency level should your new furnace have?

Combustion furnaces come in a range of efficiency levels, meaning some create more heat from the fuel they burn than others. Investing in a high-efficiency furnace, while costing more upfront, will save money in operating costs over the lifetime of the equipment. This can reap big savings in cold-winter climates where the furnace is operating 24/7 for several months. The energy savings aren’t as meaningful in a mild climate like San Antonio where the furnace doesn’t get as much use. This is why a mid-efficiency combustion furnace may be adequate for your needs in our climate.

What capacity furnace should you select?

Your HVAC contractor should help answer this question by conducting a heating load calculation on your home. This determines how much heat is required to keep your home warm. That information is then used to determine what size furnace to install. If this process is skipped, you run the risk of getting an over-sized or under-sized furnace. In either case, the result will be poor efficiency and performance.

Should you elect to install a furnace with advanced features?

Discuss with your heating contractor whether you can benefit from whole-house air purification and/or humidity control.

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