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Safe Decoration Storage

Safe Decoration StorageIf you’re like most San Antonio homeowners, you have treasured decorations that you bring out each year to make the holidays more festive, and then carefully store away when the season is over. You may not realize that the spot you choose for decoration storage is important, because picking a location like the furnace room could put your family’s safety in jeopardy.

Why Storing Decorations Near the Furnace is Dangerous

You’re probably aware that you shouldn’t store certain items close to your furnace, like paint or paint thinners, aerosol cans, or fuels like gasoline because they can easily ignite or explode and cause a house fire. If you have holiday decorations stored nearby and a fire occurs, some of these treasured items can ignite and add fuel to the fire, or melt and send noxious fumes into your indoor air as they burn. Potentially hazardous holiday decorations you may have stored can include:

  • Cardboard ornament boxes
  • Textiles like tree skirts, Santa sacks and holiday stockings
  • Needles on wreaths, garlands and an artificial tree
  • Plastic storage totes
  • Scented paraffin candles

How to Protect Your Home and Holiday Decorations

Your home’s furnace is a fuel-burning combustion device, so it’s vital to take measures like scheduling regular professional maintenance to ensure that it stays operating safely. You can also help protect your family and treasured holiday decorations by always keeping the area around your furnace tidy and free from any potentially hazardous items. In addition to storing combustibles like paint, solvents, spray cans and fuels in another area of your home, you can further reduce the risk of an accidental fire by not storing these other items anywhere near your furnace:

  • Household cleaning products
  • Laundry detergent and products like ammonia and bleach
  • Clean or used rags
  • Kitty litter and litter boxes
  • Cardboard boxes and household paper goods
  • Clean or unwashed laundry
  • Wood products, sawdust and shavings

For more advice about safe holiday decoration storage, or for expert help addressing any other concerns you may have about the safe operation of the furnace in your San Antonio-area home, contact us today at Beyer Boys.

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