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Salt Lamps: How They Really Perform When it Comes to Air Purification

Salt Lamps: How They Really Perform When it Comes to Air PurificationSalt lamps have gained popularity across the U.S. in the past few years. They’re not only seen as stylish home design elements, but they’re also promoted as air purification tools that can alleviate respiratory conditions, improve mood and provide a more restful sleep. Understanding what salt lamps are and how they perform as air purifiers can help you decide whether they’re simply a home decor fad or a worthwhile aid to improve your indoor air quality.

Exactly What are Salt Lamps?

Salt lamps are simply natural salt crystals equipped with a small bulb or heating element. Some are made from one large, hollowed-out crystal attached to a wood or metal base, while others feature chunks of salt in a decorative glass or metal container. There are also miniature “night light” versions available. The crystals are pure pink salt mined in the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan. When the lamp is lit, the reddish crystal creates a warm, soothing glow and a relaxing ambience.

How Salt Lamps Perform as Air Purifiers

Not only are salt lamps attractive decor items for a home, but they’re also touted as having these dual air cleaning capabilities:

  • Negative ionization. You may hear salt lamps referred to as “natural negative ion generators.” When salt is heated, it gives off negative ions, which purportedly attach to and remove positvely-charged allergen and pollutant particles floating in the air.
  • Hygroscopic filtration. Salt crystals are hygroscopic, which means they naturally absorb airborne water molecules. The absorbed water gets evaporated faster by heat from the lamp’s bulb. Salt lamps are said to filter the air because allergens and contaminants carried by the aborbed water molecules end up on the crystal’s surface.

Proven Methods of Air Purification

It’s essential to note that there are no major studies to back up claims that salt lamps are effective air cleaners. There are air purifiers available that can improve air quality throughout your home using proven technologies, such as UV light, photocatalytic oxidation, high-MERV and carbon filtration.

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