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Why You Should Shop Small Business for HVAC Needs

You’ve probably heard the word on how you’re helping our economy, the environment, and just the health of our communities in general when you shop small business and shop local.

So just what does that look like when you’re talking about an HVAC company?

Locally-Owned HVAC Companies

Just like everything else these days, some HVAC companies are owned by bigger parent companies that aren’t locally based. Additionally, more homeowners are buying HVAC equipment online. Although these are not bad choices, there is an advantage in doing business with a locally-owned HVAC company when possible.

1. Jobs and wages.

Locally-owned companies have a personal investment in the community, and an incentive to provide jobs and keep wages as high as they can in order to retain good workers.

2. Social and business interests.

The locally-owned business’s interests are intertwined with those of the community, for the mutual benefit of one another.

3. Community building.

Locally-owned businesses have an incentive to maintain a high profile in the community by doing good works. They often support the community’s interests, through participating in service organizations, serving on boards and supporting community and educational endeavors.

4. Better customer service.

Generally, a locally-owned business understands the value of giving good customer service — that added personal touch that makes a difference. They have an interest in developing a good reputation for going the extra mile for their customers.

Buying Parts and Equipment Locally

In most instances, you will be hiring a technician to come to your home to make repairs and replace or install HVAC equipment. But keep in mind that while some of that equipment is available from diverse sources, you can support your locally-owned businesses by buying HVAC equipment, from air filters, to heat pumps, to air conditioners and ventilation systems, right out of the local HVAC company’s showroom. Remember: you’re contributing to the local economy every time you “shop local” for HVAC equipment.

To learn more about why you should shop small business, contact your locally-owned HVAC company, Beyer Boys of San Antonio.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the greater San Antonio, Texas area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).