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Spring Cleaning: Your HVAC Comes First

Spring is in the air in San Antonio, and that means it is time to make your spring cleaning checklist. It’s a dirty job, but that’s the reason you are doing it! In addition to the typical spring chores, such as organizing the garage, clearing clutter in the closets, and washing bedding, add your HVAC system to your list. In fact, put it at the top of your list with a star for a more healthful, comfortable, and efficient home.

Dirty Filter

One of the simplest, yet most important HVAC cleaning tasks is changing your air filter. A dirty filter reduces efficiency and wears out HVAC parts. Purchase a box of high-efficiency filters from your home store to help your HVAC system and indoor air quality through summer’s end.

Air Vents

The next time you are vacuuming or sweeping your floors, take the time to vacuum or wipe dust and dirt from all the air vents. Take a flashlight to look inside the vents. If you see a substantial amount of debris buildup, contact your HVAC pro for a duct inspection.

Indoor Air Handler

The indoor air handler contains a coil, fins, blower, and condensate drain that need cleaning each spring. While this is usually a job for your HVAC technician, you can clean the parts yourself if you are handy around the home.

  • Turn off A/C power at the thermostat and circuit box.
  • Remove the panels protecting the evaporator and blower.
  • Use a can of compressed air to clean the blower assembly.
  • Use a can of self-rinsing foaming coil cleaner for the evaporator and fins.
  • Pour a cup of 50/50 bleach-and-water solution into the condensate pan.

Outdoor Air Handler

The outdoor air handler is that big box blowing air out the top sitting next to your home. Like the indoor air handler, it contains a blower, fins, and coil. Follow the same instructions for cleaning the indoor air handler, with the exception that the thin metal fins are located on the outside of the unit.

To schedule professional spring cleaning for your HVAC system, please contact Beyer Boys today.

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