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Summer Drain Cleaning Benefits

In the San Antonio summer heat, anything in the kitchen and bathroom that isn’t quite clean can become a problem fast. Drains are no exception, but a professional drain cleaning ensures clogged plumbing won’t bother you this season. Here are a few ways how:

Eliminating odors

In warm weather, food debris, soap scum, and hair that’s collected in your drains can begin to smell. That odor can permeate your whole kitchen or bathroom, making the room a less pleasant place to be. While you can remove much of this debris with dish soap and hot water, you’ll still leave enough behind to cause an odor. A professional cleaning will remove it all.

Healthier sinks

The odors that come from grimy or clogged drains are caused, in part, by bacteria. That bacteria can find its way into your sink and can be splashed onto your counters. What’s more, dirty drains provide a place for bacteria and fungi to multiply. They’re also a breeding ground for fruit flies and drain flies, which then end up all over your kitchen and possibly in your food. Many of these microbes and bugs can easily survive soap and hot water, but not thorough drain cleaning.

Reduced costs

If you have a drain that clogs frequently, it may seem cheaper to just call a plumber when the drain becomes too blocked for you to clear by yourself rather than invest in a full professional drain cleaning. Over the long run, though, those calls add up and can quickly surpass the cost of drain cleaning.

Trouble-free drains

The biggest benefit of professional drain cleaning is the freedom to use your kitchen and bathroom without the annoyance of water pooling up in the sinks or around your feet in the shower and funny smells. That’s especially important if you enjoy summertime entertaining.

Ideally, your plumbing system should be inspected and cleaned once a year. Scheduling your annual cleaning for summer ensures your drains will be fresh smelling and clog-free during the hottest part of the year and throughout the fall and winter holiday season.

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