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System Air Filters: Where Are They Located?

System Air Filters: Where Are They Located?Replacing your air filters is one of the best chores you could do to boost your home’s air quality and enhance your HVAC system’s efficiency and lifetime. This essential maintenance task is inexpensive, easy to do, and will only take you a couple of minutes to complete. But first, you’ll need to learn where the filters are located within your home.

Common Locations for HVAC Air Filters

An HVAC air filter is typically located in the blower compartment or return air duct, before the point where the air pulled in from your house enters the air handler. This location enables the filter to trap the debris in the air before it reaches critical HVAC components. There are several styles of HVAC units. Additionally, some houses have two or more units. Therefore, you may need to look for air filters in several locations.

  • Inspect the ceiling — Does the ceiling have a large vent on it? You’re likely to locate the air filter if you search for it behind this vent.
  • Look down — Next, inspect your basement and crawl space. If your home’s ductwork passes through these areas, you’ll probably find a floor register that houses an air filter.
  • Check the walls — For some systems, the filter is found behind the return grill, which resembles a large metal grate, on the wall.
  • Look everywhere — For HVAC systems with returns in each room, you’ll most probably find an air filter behind each of these return air grills.

Walking around the house to look for air filters can be somewhat of a scavenger hunt. However, the multiple benefits you’ll enjoy once you’ve located and changed the filters will make it a worthwhile endeavor.

If you can’t locate any air filter or are unsure if you’ve found all the filters in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Beyer Boys for assistance. Since 1990, we’ve provided reliable HVAC maintenance services to our valued customers in the San Antonio area.

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