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Potential Air Conditioning Health Risks

One essential component to good health is the environment in which you live. As we enter into the hot summer months, you may be wondering about air conditioning affects on health. Is Air Conditioning Healthy? By and large, the answer is a resounding yes. A properly functioning AC unit provides your home with better air…

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Pros and Cons of a Portable A/C 

Maintaining consistent household comfort always involves some compromises and use of a portable A/C is no exception. A portable air conditioner can be moved about and utilized for spot cooling, filling gaps in comfort control wherever and whenever it’s needed. To help evaluate the utility of portable cooling, consider the following pros and cons: Pro:…

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Ways to Keep Guests Cool at Summer Parties

Summer’s here — time for barbecues and pool parties! But how do you keep your guests from getting scorched in the San Antonio heat? Here are a few tips for keeping everyone cool during summer parties. Get Your HVAC System Ready If the party is going to be indoors, the best way to keep them…

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HVAC and A/C Differences

HVAC terms and acronyms abound in the heating and cooling industry. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It’s a blanket term for the comfort systems in the typical home. Without these comfort systems and ventilation, homes wouldn’t provide healthy indoor environments. Types of HVAC Systems in San Antonio You’d be hard pressed to…

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What a Humming Air Conditioner Means

Sometimes a humming air conditioner is one that’s working as it should, as long as the fan indoors and out are running simultaneously. But when the fans stop working and your house won’t cool, that humming could signal a problem that needs your attention. If you hear humming from the circuit breaker box in your…

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Reasons Your Home’s Air Conditioner Isn’t Turning On

Reasons Your Home's Air Conditioner Isn't Turning On

Over time, your air conditioner can develop common problems, such as a malfunctioning fan, uneven cooling of rooms and failure to blow cold air. The last thing you want on a sweltering summer afternoon is to find out your cooling system isn’t working, making you endure uncomfortable conditions without refuge. So, what’s making the unit…

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