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Do’s and Don’ts for Garbage Disposal

Do's and Don'ts for Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals offer ease and convenience with cleaning up and getting rid of waste in your kitchen. Some things, however, should not be put down a disposal since they can cause clogs and damage. Here is a brief list of material that can and can’t be sent through the typical home garbage disposal. Do Put…

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Understanding the Dos and Don’ts of Garbage Disposal Maintenance

The garbage disposal is a lifesaver when it comes to disposing of food quickly and easily. However, like any other mechanical device, you need to take good care of your garbage disposal if you want it to keep working well for years to come. Follow these garbage disposal maintenance dos and don’ts. Then, contact a…

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Find a Pro to Fix Your Garbage Disposal Leak

A typical garbage disposal leak contains a mix of waste water and pulverized food matter. You don’t want this dripping into your kitchen cabinet. However, disposals contain dangerous rotating blades and utilize electricity, so you shouldn’t carry out a DIY diagnosis or repair. Instead, contact a professional plumber ASAP if you have a garbage disposal leak.…

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