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The Benefits of HVAC

HVAC benefitsHVAC benefits are something most of us take for granted. After all, nearly all homes in this country have some form of heating and more than 80% of American homes are air conditioned (that figure’s even higher here in San Antonio). Advancements in heating and cooling technology have given us control over our indoor environment that our ancestors couldn’t have imagined. Just to make sure we’re all aware of the ways HVAC benefits contribute to quality of life, here are some of the most notable perks:

Summer Comfort

When Willis Carrier invented the first practical air conditioner in 1902, he was actually trying to reduce the humidity level inside a factory. What he accomplished, however, revolutionized life during summers when indoor gatherings were usually unbearable. Air conditioning cooled houses, work places and public zones like movie theaters and hospitals, allowing normal life and social activities to thrive even during the hot season.

Winter Safety

Prior to the introduction of safe, efficient gas and electrical heating, wood fireplaces as well as coal-burning stoves and furnaces kept occupants warm. Eliminating the dangers posed by inhaling smoke and noxious fumes, as well as associated fire hazards, has made the indoor environment not only more consistently comfortable in winter, but also safer.

Humidity Control

Humid, enclosed indoor environments are not only uncomfortable, they can be breeding grounds for pathogens such as toxic mold, bacteria and other microorganisms—especially in summer when the outdoor climate is humid. Central air conditioners extract water vapor from indoor air, keeping home humidity levels below the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommended upper level of 50% to 60%. Drier air not only makes the indoor environment more comfortable, it also reduces toxic contaminants in the air.

Allergy Reduction

Airborne particulates—dust, dirt, lint and others—are an irritant that can cause allergic responses in susceptible individuals. During summer and winter, your HVAC system air filter contiuously cleanses air circulating through your house, lowering particulate levels and reducing allergic triggers.

The professionals at Beyer Boys want to make sure you receive all the HVAC benefits available from today’s technology. Contact us for more information.