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The Best Indoor Temperature for Christmas Trees

Christmas is coming, and nothing says Christmas like a real Christmas tree. The problem is, after a month sitting in your home, it’s bound to start drying out and may even become a fire hazard. How do you preserve your tree? What’s the best indoor temperature to keep it looking green and festive all season? Let’s take a look.

What Works

Warmer temperatures dry trees out faster. Normal San Antonio weather should be enough to keep it green, but if your furnace is running, consider turning it down. An indoor temperature in the mid-60s or low 70s should be fine.

If you’re not planning on setting the tree up as soon as you bring it home, put the trunk in a basin of water and keep it in a cool, dark place, such as your garage, until you’re ready to put it on display. If the tree is fresh cut (i.e., within 12 hours of when you bring it home), just put it in the stand with some water. Otherwise, cut a quarter inch off the bottom of the trunk before setting it up.

Once the tree is up, keep it in a cool spot. Find a corner that’s away from vents, registers, and the fireplace, to prevent it from getting blasted with heat. Water your tree regularly to keep it from drying out. A regular sized tree stand should hold at least a gallon of water. The average tree needs up to half a gallon of water per day. You don’t necessarily have to water it every day, but check the water levels daily.

What Doesn’t Work

Water-holding gels don’t help trees hold more water. In fact, they can mean less water for the tree to drink. Don’t add anything to the water, either, such as tree preservatives, honey, bleach, etc. At best, it’s ineffective. At worst, it damages the tree. Finally, don’t spray the tree with antitranspirants or flame retardants. Just keep it watered and well cared for, and it should last you through the holiday.

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