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The Importance of Evaporator Coil Maintenance

The Importance of Evaporator Coil MaintenanceThe evaporator coil of your air conditioning system is the part that actually cools your home’s air. Located near or inside the air handler that also houses the blower fan, the coils contain a very cold refrigerant that absorbs heat from the warm air passing over them. The resulting cold air is blown directly to your home. The evaporator coils are key A/C components, and neglecting them could hurt the rest of your system.

What are the effects of poor maintenance?

For evaporator coils to perform at optimal efficiency, they should be cleaned and maintained. Failure to do so could lead to several problems, which include:

  • Dirty coils — It only takes a fine layer of dirt on the evaporator coil to lower its efficiency. The dirt insulates the coil, restricting the amount of heat that the refrigerant can remove your home’s air. As a result, the A/C will run longer to cool your home to your desired temperature.
  • Freezing — The temperature of the refrigerant in the coils is super low. Therefore, the coils need sufficient flow of warm air over them to prevent them from frosting over. Frozen evaporator coils could eventually cause costly damage to the A/C compressor. Dust, closed vents, and a clogged air filter could all result in a frozen evaporator.
  • Refrigerant leak — The refrigerant in the coils can leak due to wear and tear.

How can you maintain the evaporator coil?

You may never get to see the evaporator coil because it’s usually inside a metal case. So how do you even maintain it? Here’s what you should do:

  1. Keep all the air vents inside your home open.
  2. Check your air filter every month. Replace it if it’s dirty.
  3. Schedule professional A/C maintenance each year. During maintenance, the technician will inspect your coils and clean them.

The evaporator coil is crucial to your home comfort and efficiency of your air conditioner, so make sure you take good care of it. If you have more questions about evaporator coils, contact Beyer Boys. We proudly serve the San Antonio area with quality A/C maintenance and repair services.