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Which Thermostat Option is Right for Your Home?

Which Thermostat Option is Right for Your Home?These days, a wide array of thermostats to operate your HVAC system is available in the marketplace, from low tech analog models, to high tech smart thermostats that allow you a whole range of controls. Take your choice from the following thermostat options, according to your needs.

Manual Thermostat

These aren’t likely to go away anytime soon. Although they no longer have mercury, they are still inexpensive and easy to operate. Just move a dial to where you want the temperature. They are not necessarily terribly accurate, but for some people with low-tech needs, that’s quite alright. These are usually wired into the HVAC system.

Manual thermostats with a digital face are also available. Although they are wired into the HVAC system, they may need batteries to display the digital information. Some are operated by moving a button up or down to select the temperature.

Programmable Thermostat

The programmable thermostat has been around a while. Some homeowners find these rather difficult to operate. The differing models come in one of several modes. The least expensive allow you to program one schedule for the week; move a step up to a model that allows you to program a schedule for the weekdays and one for the weekend. A more expensive model allows you to program a different schedule every day of the week. Most models allow you to change the daily programming about four times a day.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are operated through an app on a digital device. The homeowner can change the temperature from near or far, whenever there is a need. Depending on how sophisticated you want your thermostat to be, you may opt for a device that monitors humidity, checks local weather conditions and alerts you when there’s a change, or for sensors that detect when you’re on the way home and adjust the temperature before you arrive. Learning-type models are also available that follow your patterns in the home and adjust the temperature accordingly.

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