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Tips for Maintaining Your Winter Indoor Air Quality

At the Beyer Boys in San Antonio, we specialize in indoor air quality and know well the health risks associated with high pollution levels in the home. Wintertime is particularly concerning because modern homes are well-sealed, and you are not likely to open a window while it is cold outside. With that in mind, let us look at some strategies you can employ to ensure your family breathes easier this winter.

Diligent Dusting and Vacuuming

Dust is the enemy when it comes to indoor air quality, or IAQ, because it traps pollutants that are then re-emitted into your air over time. Dust rooms from the top down and vacuum and sweep immediately afterward. Using a vacuum with a HEPA air filter can help trap even more dust.

Adequate Ventilation

Your home gets fresh air through both natural and mechanical ventilation. It is necessary to achieve a balance so that you get the fresh air you need but without making your heating inefficient. An assessment of your home ventilation every several years or so is a good idea.

Optimal Humidity

Heating your home dries out the air. Dry air can cause many issues: static electricity, dry skin, worsened allergy symptoms, greater prevalence of viruses, and so forth. If low humidity is a problem in your home, there are options, such as whole-home humidifiers as well as units you can move from room to room.

Replace Air Filters as Needed

Check your furnace air filter on a weekly basis during winter. Whenever the filter is visibly dirty, replace it with a fresh filter. You may also consider adding air cleaning to your home, which can reduce the prevalence of dust. As with humidifiers, there are both whole-home and room-based options.

IAQ You Can Count On

Beyer Boys can help you achieve optimal IAQ in your home. Our company also offers a full range of cooling, heating, and plumbing services. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, just give us a call.