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Tips for Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Tips for Hiring an HVAC ContractorThe new year will be rolling around soon, bringing with it the opportunity for a fresh start. You may find yourself wanting to make some changes, including some of the various service technicians you do business with. If you’re looking for a new HVAC contractor, we’ve got some tips for hiring that can steer you in the right direction.

Choosing the Best HVAC Contractor

A website can tell you a lot about the HVAC contractor you’re considering. For instance, most will tell you how long they have been in business. That can be one good measure of assessing an HVAC company, in that they are likely to have been doing something right if they seem to be well established with a record of satisfied customers. But beyond the website, you should dig a little deeper and ask some questions, such as these:

  1. Does the company have references? If so, be sure to call them and ask about customer satisfaction. Was the job done on time and did it meet expectations?
  2. Are the company’s technicians certified? HVAC technicians in Texas must register with the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration before they can work. However, certification is not required under a contractor’s supervision. Certifications can also show that the technician has been trained to some level of expertise beyond the basic. Ask if technicians have the NATE (North American Technicians Excellence) certification, the foremost for techs in the HVAC industry.
  3. Is your prospective HVAC company bonded and insured? HVAC contractors should obtain a license bond, which assures customers that a contractor will operate ethically, in compliance with state rules and regulations, and that if the contractor fails to deliver on the contract, then the client has a right to file a claim against them. A surety bond company should have bonded the contractor so that a client’s losses, if any, will be covered. The HVAC company should also have insurance to cover any harm that occurs to the technician or to his equipment on your property.

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