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Steps to Take When Turning on Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner becomes a critical part of your indoor comfort once the incredible San Antonio summer heat sets in. But remember, the system will need some help to run smoothly all summer long. Make sure you follow the tips below before turning on your air conditioner.

Inspect the outdoor unit —

Vines, leaves, and other debris in or near the unit can block interior A/C components and downgrade the overall system performance. Clear any vegetation or objects that are within 18 inches of your unit. Spray down the condenser coils using a hose at an angle of 45 degrees to get rid of any debris that may have accumulated between the fins.

Change the filter —

A clogged air filter will restrict your system’s airflow and could lead to problems such as refrigerant lines covered in ice, frozen evaporator coils, and high energy bills. Give your A/C the best start by changing the filter before the new cooling season starts.

Unblock air vents —

Inspect the vents around your home. Remove drapes, toys, large pieces of furniture, and any other items that could be blocking them to facilitate unrestricted airflow.

Close all basement vents —

You want the cool air from your air conditioner to be concentrated in the areas where it’s truly needed, that is the main and upper floors. A fantastic way to achieve that is by closing the basement vents.

Check thermostat settings —

Make sure the thermostat is set to COOL. Also, ensure the thermostat fan is set to AUTO to prevent it from running constantly and hogging energy.

Schedule maintenance —

The last thing you want is to risk being without an air conditioner in the middle of the summer. An A/C that isn’t properly cared for has a greater chance of failing. Schedule an A/C maintenance visit now to prevent an emergency breakdown later.


Taking these steps before turning on your air conditioner helps ensure you get the most from the system and maximize your comfort. If you need the best quality maintenance services in the San Antonio area, please contact us at Beyer Boys.

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