Should You Upgrade Your HVAC System?

Do you know what HVAC pros means when they talk about upgrading an HVAC system? You may think it’s referring to replacing worn-out parts with newer ones, but that’s generally not what is meant; nor is it the always the best option when a system goes into a pattern of decline. Here’s what you should know about upgrading an HVAC:

Time for an Upgrade?

There are various signs when an HVAC is wearing out and it’s time to replace it altogether. For instance, you may be having to replace parts frequently and it’s costing you a fortune. Or, your unit is 10 years old or more, is running inefficiently and is driving up your utility bills.

When any of these scenarios come to pass, you should look carefully at your options. It may be that only the air conditioner or the furnace is giving you fits. While you may be able to replace just one side of the system, keep in mind that not upgrading everything at once can cause problems, from inefficiency to malfunction. An HVAC system works better when every part of it is designed to work in sync with the other parts. For instance, a new, high-tech furnace may not mesh well with your home’s current air handler, which was probably designed to accommodate your old air conditioner and furnace.

Upgrades to Consider

Upgrading an HVAC generally means you’re going for something better. That doesn’t translate to bigger or vastly more expensive, but rather, just the right size for your home and as efficient a system as you can afford.

Your HVAC consultant should use the latest industry software to determine the right size equipment for your home, thereby improving efficiency. And then while you’re shopping, you’ll want to look into some of the recent technological advances, from scrolling compressors to condensing furnaces. These improvements can definitely save you money on your utility bills and though they may cost more, they could pay for themselves in the long run.

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