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Using Voice-Enabled HVAC Products

Voice-enabled home automation products are becoming more popular among everyday consumers. In fact, Amazon Echo and Google Home were popular gifts this past 2017 holiday season. Moreover, aren’t you already saying “Okay Google” in your car for driving directions? So, why not bring voice-enabled technology to your home?

It’s easy, and there is real value regarding better home comfort, energy efficiency, and safety for voice-enabled HVAC products.

Benefits of Voice-Enabled HVAC Products

Smart technologies aren’t anything new in the HVAC industry. HVAC systems operating through a central computer panel have been around for decades, and programmable thermostats put automated home comfort in the hands of homeowners years ago.

The next technological leap was WiFi-enabled thermostats — giving homeowners greater control over comfort and efficiency. The next logical step is controlling home comfort and efficiency with your voice, in addition to tapping a phone or thermostat screen.

  • Hands-free: Got your hands full? Is your phone charging? Communicating with your HVAC system using Alexa or Google Assistant is as easy as saying, “Lower the temp 2 degrees.” Need to change a thermostat program setting, or need a quick weather report? Just say so or ask!
  • Remote access: With your WiFi-enabled thermostat, you’ll enjoy remote access and control over home comfort settings anywhere you have your smartphone app or computer access.
  • Compatible HVAC products: Voice-enabled technology makes it easier to save energy and change temperature settings, indoor humidity, and ventilation (with compatible HVAC systems), for example, if your schedule changes.

Amazon Alexa Vs. Google Home

When it comes to voice-enabled home automation products, there are many. The two giants are obviously Amazon and Google. Amazon was the first out of the gate with the introduction of Echo. Though, some reviews like Google Home for more accurate responses to voice commands and questions.

Talk to your HVAC contractor for his or her recommendation of which home automation product (e.g. Amazon, Google, or other) will work best for your choice of WiFi-enabled thermostat and HVAC system.

To learn more about installing the best voice-enabled HVAC products for your San Antonio home, please contact Beyer Boys today.

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