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Beyer Boys Valentine’s Day Flower Drive

Beyer Boys Valentine's Day

The Beyer Boys Closes Office for a Love-Filled Tradition

Every year on February 13th, we close our office and dedicate the day to spreading love and joy by making beautiful flower arrangements in celebration of Valentine’s Day for employees, family, friends and a handful of customers. This annual tradition has been going on for the past seven years now, with no intention of stopping.

This particular event is one near and dear to everyone’s hearts at Beyer Boys, as we all enjoy spending the day intricately designing and creating these wonderful gifts. Once assembled, the fantastic floral designs are prepped to be sent out for delivery to their designated recipient. As a family-owned and operated company, we feel it is our responsibility to give back to our community as much as possible and continue to uphold our cherished values through various events such as this one.

A Gift Worth Giving

However, the unique and superb arrangements are not the only thing special about this flourishing event. In fact, all of the proceeds from the flower arrangement sales will go on to be donated to the American Cancer Society. The organization, most known for their dedication to eliminating cancer, holds a lot of meaning for the Beyer Boys and the employees here. It was decided that the American Cancer Society would be the recipient for the donation after Cindy Beyer, mother of the Beyer Boys and Beyer family, was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, and several employees and loved ones had also suffered through the same disease.

Together, we find that this day of altruistic humanitarianism aids in bringing people closer together, in the spirit of love. Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone here at Beyer Boys!