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Valentine’s Day IAQ Concerns

Valentine's Day IAQ ConcernsWhile it might be a stretch to claim that Valentine’s Day indoor air quality issues are any worse than those for any other holiday, this traditional gift-giving day can help us focus on some IAQ issues that may affect your home anytime.

Let’s look at some of the IAQ concerns that may arise during the day when we celebrate romantic love.

1. Perfume

For many people, perfumes and other fragrances are a source of irritation, as the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the fragrances can irritate sensitive eyes, noses, and throats. For some, fragrances may even cause an extreme allergic reaction requiring medical attention. Also, given the fact Valentine’s Day occurs in February when homes are likely to be closed up due to cold weather, the buildup of these VOCs and others may be worsened. Likewise, beware of bestowing gifts such as scent diffusers to those who find fragrances irritating.

2. Flowers and plants

Flowers and potted plants are popular gifts for Valentine’s Day, but beware if your loved one has a sensitivity to pollen or mold — both of which can be shed by cut flowers or potted plants. Plus, in our region, some pollen-bearing species may be coming up for an early spring, which could exacerbate your beloved’s allergic reactions.

3. Candles

Scented candles are a hot gift item these days, with new scents being developed all the time. Candle manufacturers are no longer just targeting women with traditional feminine floral and fruit scents, but are reaching out to a masculine segment of the candle-buying public by producing aromas such as amber and smoke or tobacco and patchouli. However, paraffin-based candles, derived from petroleum, produce soot as they burn, which is not only irritating, but can adversely affect your HVAC system. Paraffin-based candles also give off carcinogenic chemicals that should not be breathed. If you must give someone scented candles, buy the soy-based types. Beeswax candles are also safer.

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