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Does Ventilation Affect Temperature?

Does Ventilation Affect Temperature?Ventilation is a paradox that San Antonio residents face every summer. Desirable fresh air ventilation inside homes drives cooling costs way up, as does the lack of air flow in the attic. But thanks to HVAC solutions, getting the fresh air where you need it is possible for better air quality and comfort.

In the Attic

Your home will stay cooler if the attic has enough air coming in from the outdoors. Over the course of the day, the sun beating on the roof will increase temperatures in the attic far higher than they are outdoors. Building codes require a specific amount of vents in the attic to prevent high temperature and moisture buildup. Even so, you can increase the amount of air coming into the attic by:

  • Installing roof turbines. These no motorized mechanical devices put hot air out of the attic by spinning.
  • Using an attic fan. You can assist the movement of air outside by installing a motorized attic fan to pull out the hot attic air and replace it with cooler outside air. Solar attic fans are available as well as electric fans.

In the House

Opening doors and windows for fresh air ventilation in the house will drive the temperature up. Most homeowners leave their windows closed during the summer and close doors quickly to keep cooling bills lower. But over the course of the summer, it’s not uncommon for the air to feel stuffy and stale.

Heat and energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) make it possible to have fresh air regardless of outdoor temperatures. These devices provide balanced ventilation using two synchronized fans. One pulls indoor air outside while the other pulls fresh air in. The outgoing air goes through a core that removes its thermal energy and puts it into the incoming air. While they do use electricity to run, their energy use is a fraction of what the air conditioner uses.

Ventilation in the San Antonio summer will keep you more comfortable and your home healthier. To learn more, contact Beyer Boys, providing HVAC services for San Antonio homeowners.

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