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Can Water Heater Maintenance Affect Your HVAC?

If your home has a gas water heater and central, forced-air HVAC, you might not realize there’s a correlation between the two. However, these two are crucial household appliances, and they’re a home’s two largest sources of energy use too. This means that regular HVAC and water heater maintenance are both essential for you and your family to enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient home.

Water Heater Maintenance Tips

You likely already understand that scheduling twice-yearly professional maintenance for your HVAC equipment keeps it operating efficiently and reliably. Setting up a similar maintenance regimen for your water heater can ensure that you have an ample supply of hot water, avoid unnecessarily high energy bills, and that your water heater doesn’t fail prematurely.

When you have a licensed plumber perform preventive maintenance on your water heater, it should include the following tasks:

  • Testing the T&P safety valve. The temperature and pressure relief valve is a vital water heater safety feature that’s designed to open and let overheated water/excess pressure escape. If your plumber finds that the valve is leaking or seized up, they’ll recommend replacing it.
  • Checking for exterior/interior corrosion. The outside of the tank and all water and gas line connections should be inspected for signs of corrosion and deterioration. The sacrificial anode rod inside the tank should also be checked – this metal rod is in place to attract corrosion and protect the tank, so it’s going to rust out and need replacement eventually.
  • Flushing the tank. Dissolved minerals that naturally form into solids as water heats settle and accumulate on the tank bottom. If this sediment is allowed to build up, it will interfere with the burner operation, cause a decline in efficiency, and it can even ruin the appliance. To keep sediment under control, the tank should be drained, flushed and refilled on a yearly basis.
  • Servicing the combustion components. For safe operation, the water heater’s burner should be cleaned and adjusted, and the vent system inspected for leaks and obstructions.

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