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Ways to Combat Fall Allergies with Your HVAC System

San Antonio in 2018 received the dubious honor of being a fall “allergy capital” for its high pollen and mold counts, its high frequency of allergy medication usage, and its ready availability of board-certified allergists. That year, the city came in fourth in the report, with above average scores in all these areas.

Don’t expect our status to diminish anytime soon, as fall allergies appear to be getting worse, with warm weather extending longer into fall, accounting for higher pollen levels.

Start improving indoor air quality by preventing intrusion of the pollen that causes fall allergies. Brush off clothes and pets before entering the home, or take off clothes as soon as you enter the house, put them in a plastic bag and wash them so that you don’t release pollen in the house. Try to minimize the frequency of going in and out of the house, and stay indoors during pollen season.

Your HVAC system can also help combat fall allergies.

Using the HVAC System for Cleaner Air

Use a good quality, pleated air filter in the HVAC system, one with a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) of 8-12. Change it frequently so that it does a good job of trapping airborne particulates. The cheap fiberglass filters will do little to capture the tiny pollen particles that may be triggering your allergies.

Beware of electrostatic air filters: some of them may not be effective at trapping minute pollen particles. If you use one, be sure to wash it as recommended by the manufacturer. These filters are not effective unless the trays are cleaned regularly. Do not install the filter until it is complete dry.

It may be that you need the added protection that an air purifier can afford. These are available as portable or in-house models installed in the HVAC system. Be sure that the model you buy is designed to effectively deal with allergens such as pollen. Your HVAC consultant can advise you.

For more on fall allergies, contact Beyer Boys of San Antonio. We can help you with your HVAC repairs, maintenance and installations.