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Ways to Fix Poor Airflow

Poor HVAC airflowPoor HVAC airflow is the culprit behind a variety of system shortfalls and unexplained malfunctions. Adequate airflow from the A/C or furnace all the way through the entire span of household ductwork is among the most important parameters that ensure efficient, effective cooling and heating. It’s also a prime suspect when this doesn’t happen.

If poor HVAC airflow is an issue, here are some possible reasons why:

Dirty filter.

You can check this yourself. If the HVAC air filter’s clogged, airflow throughout the entire system is restricted. Inspect the filter now. If it looks dusty or dirty, replace it. Continue to replace the air filter every month during the summer cooling season and every other month during the heating season. If you don’t know how, a qualified HVAC contractor will be happy to show you.

Vents closed or obstructed.

Closed supply vents may unbalance airflow throughout the entire house, making temperature control inconsistent. Inspect all HVAC supply and return vents to verify that they are fully open and not blocked by objects like furniture or drapes.

Ductwork leaks.

It’s common in houses older than 10 years. Conditioned air leaks out of joints and/or deteriorated ductwork segments into areas such as the attic or crawl space. In some cases, ducts may completely collapse. Professional inspection including a duct pressure test are required to locate leaks and restore proper airflow.

Defective blower.

HVAC air circulation is driven by the system blower. A worn or failing blower motor may fail to move sufficient volume of air throughout the ductwork, resulting in poor HVAC airflow to rooms located far from the air handler. Blower replacement is a job for a qualified HVAC service technician.

Loosened dampers.

These small internal doors located inside branch ducts adjust flow of conditioned air. Over the years, dampers may loosen and close partially, restricting airflow to certain areas of the house. Access to repair dampers requires professional service.

For qualified professional service to resolve issues such as poor HVAC airflow, contact Beyer Boys.