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What Are Galileo Thermometers?

What Are Galileo Thermometers?	You may have seen the Galileo thermometers or have a few yourself. Invented by Galileo in the early 1600s, they’re an interesting, attractive and fairly accurate way to keep track of temperatures around the house.

Besides revealing the temperatures, the thermometers are a good way to identify characteristics of your home or reveal important information about your HVAC system.

Substantial differences between the thermostat and the thermometer might reveal:

  • A thermostat that’s not correctly calibrated.
  • The place where the Galileo thermometer sits is never the same temperature as the place where the thermostat hangs.

Besides being decorative, the thermometer may tell you a lot about your home’s energy efficiency and your HVAC system. If there are significant differences between the thermostat and the thermometer, look for reasons why.

As a first step, compare the temperatures of the Galileo thermometers with the thermostat and measure the temperature of the area near each. A digital instant read thermometer works best, although any trusted thermometer will work.

If you find that the two places have much different temperatures, look for reasons. One place might be influenced by conditions that make it naturally warmer or cooler than the other. There may be more direct sunlight, drafts from the outdoors, heat from a bathroom or kitchen, or simply more people nearby.

If nothing’s apparent:

  • Look at the attic insulation and inspect the room for air leaks around windows and exterior door frames.
  • Check the ductwork leading to the area. There may be a leak and the conditioned air heading to that space seeps out before it gets there.
  • Your HVAC system might not be delivering the right amount of conditioned air to that place, which makes it warmer or cooler than the rest of the house.
  • The thermostat may be in the wrong place. An interior hallway is often the best place to put it.

Galileo thermometers add color and beauty to your home, along with a benchmark for your home’s HVAC system and energy efficiency. If you’d like to learn more, contact Beyer Boys, providing HVAC services for San Antonio homeowners.

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