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What Should I Do About My Rusty Air Conditioner?

rusty air conditionerRust isn’t a common HVAC problem, but it does happen, particularly in humid areas. Salt and moisture in the air can corrode the condenser coil on your outdoor unit, causing it to break and ultimately need replacement. It’s a serious problem if left unchecked. However, if you catch it early, there are steps you can take to reverse the damage, and prevent it from happening again. Here’s what to do about your rusty air conditioner.

Dealing with Rust

If you see the beginnings of rust or corrosion around your outdoor HVAC unit, it’s possible to remove it. Apply a degreasing solution using sandpaper and a nylon brush, and scrub the corroded area until the rust layer starts to come up, leaving the metal beneath exposed. Next, cover the vital components inside the unit with a cloth or tarp, and repaint the A/C, using two layers: one of rust-proof primer, and one of rust-proof paint. This will prevent further corrosion later on.

If the rust has already advanced beyond surface damage, call your HVAC technician. They may be able to repair it, or you may need to replace the unit. If it’s the latter, they can help you take steps to ensure the new system doesn’t succumb to corrosion.

Preventing Rust

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A rusty air conditioner can be prevented with basic maintenance.

First, if your unit doesn’t currently have rust-proof primer and paint coatings, add them now, before corrosion starts. Second, make sure you get your annual HVAC maintenance visit every year. Your HVAC technician will keep the inside of your unit clean and remove any contaminants that could cause corrosion.

If you’re in danger of possible rust down the line, they’ll let you know, and help you take steps to prevent it. With a bit of regular care, your air conditioner will stay rust-free and in good condition, to continue keeping your home comfortable for years to come.

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