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What’s the Secret to Insulative Paint?

Insulating your home is important for saving energy. It keeps heat from escaping your home in winter and from entering your home in summer. You’ve likely got insulation in your attic, but there are other ways to insulate as well. Now you can even paint your walls with insulating paint! How does it work, and how much energy can you expect to save? Let’s take a look.

What Is Insulating Paint?

The idea of paint-based insulation first came from NASA. Paint was infused with tiny glass particles called microspheres, along with heat-resistant chemicals and other additives, and used to coat the space shuttle. When it proved effective, the paint was developed for commercial use.

The claim is that, when used to paint the outside of your home, the paint creates a barrier that keeps heat out in the summer. If you paint the inside of your home, it’s thought that the paint can likewise keep heat in during the winter. A number of companies sell insulating paint, either in cans or as an additive that can be mixed into any ordinary paint.

Does Insulating Paint Work?

Tests by the EPA and other organizations have found that paint with insulating properties are most effective at blocking out heat when a painted wall is exposed to direct sunlight. Tests on the paint’s ability to retain heat in the winter have been less conclusive. It’s estimated that a coat of a good-quality insulating paint can reduce your energy bills by about 20%. However, the EPA doesn’t recommend using it in place of actual insulation in your attic, walls, floor, etc.

It’s also important to note that many manufacturers of paint with insulative properties make claims that haven’t been verified or that vastly overstate the paint’s effectiveness at blocking out heat. If you’re going to use it, be careful. Find a trustworthy brand that doesn’t promise the moon, and use it only as a supplement to your regular insulation.

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