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Why is Your Thermostat Reading the Wrong Temperature?

Why is Your Thermostat Reading the Wrong Temperature?Does your home feel significantly hotter or colder than what the thermostat actually says? The display says the house is your ideal temperature, but it clearly isn’t. You’ve checked the settings and the batteries, and everything seem fine – except your thermostat is reading the wrong temperature.

Here are a few possible reasons why, and what you can do about it.


Maybe the room where you have the thermostat is the right temperature, but it’s just a bad place to put it. Different areas of the house have different heating and cooling needs. So if your thermostat is in a room that isn’t used a lot (or worse yet, a hallway), it can cause disparate temperatures through the rest of the house. Try moving it to the living room, or somewhere else centrally located. You might also consider a zoning system, so each area of the house can have its own thermostat and get the heating and cooling it needs.

Component problems

If the thermostat is reading the wrong temperature even in the room it’s in, then some of the components might be dirty, broken, or otherwise malfunctioning. In this case, your HVAC technician can help during your annual maintenance visit. They’ll clean, repair, or replace the problematic components, recalibrate the thermostat itself, and check to be sure the readings are accurate.

Not level

If you have an old, mercury thermostat, then the mercury needs to be perfectly level to get the correct reading. You can try to balance it better, but honestly, if your thermostat still uses mercury, you’re probably better off replacing it with a newer model.


Your thermostat might simply be at the end of its life. As they get older, they don’t function as efficiently, and can have a hard time reading the right temperature. Again, replace it with a new one. You can even use this as an opportunity to upgrade, and finally get that smart thermostat you’ve been wanting.

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