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Yard Work and How it Can Affect An HVAC System

Keeping your yard nice and tidy is just as important as keeping your air conditioner in great shape. Believe it or not, how well you maintain the former can easily affect the latter in terms of performance and overall longevity.

Sloppy yard work can be just as much of a drag on your A/C system as skipping its regularly scheduled maintenance. Here are a few examples of how improper lawn care can affect your A/C unit:

  • Grass clippings and stray leaves can get sucked into the A/C unit during operation, clogging the bottom of the unit and starving it of airflow.
  • Tall, uncut grass can also stifle A/C airflow, especially when it grows in very close proximity to the unit.
  • Fallen branches and twigs can strike the condenser fan mounted inside of the A/C unit, causing damage to the blades. That debris can also get wedged within the fan, preventing it from working altogether.
  • Failure to control vegetation around the A/C unit could also result in the unit’s concrete pad shifting, cracking or otherwise being damaged.

To keep your yard work from being a problem for your air conditioner, here are a few steps you can take to protect your unit as you work:

  • Keep your A/C unit covered with a thick, durable tarp as you cut grass or trim around the unit. This will prevent grass clippings and falling branches from clogging up your air conditioner.
  • Use a lawn mower equipped with a bag attachment to reduce the amount of leftover grass clippings from your yard work.
  • Check the A/C unit for leftover debris after finishing your yard work and carefully remove any debris with a shop vacuum or leaf blower.
  • If you see dirt, pollen or other debris on your A/C unit’s coil, use your garden hose to rinse this debris off the coil. Make sure the A/C unit is completely dry before restarting it.

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