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Your Home Energy Efficiency Guide

Your Home Energy Efficiency GuideIt’s probably not news to you that increasing home energy efficiency will result in increased savings on your energy costs. But did you know that even if you seal those noticeable drafts around windows or doors, you’ll still not realize the considerable cost savings that a truly energy-efficient home provides? Your home also loses energy around less obvious places like fireplace surrounds and basement rim joists.

Fortunately, there are tests that can measure the energy efficiency of your home and reveal the problem areas.

Blower Door Test and HERS Scores

Blower-door testing measures your home’s airtightness. A blower door is a special fan with an air pressure gauge that’s mounted on your home’s exterior doorway. It depressurizes your entire home and then checks the rate at which outside air flows in through unsealed cracks, gaps, and other openings. The test also establishes the location of the leaks in your ductwork or building enclosure.

One important outcome of this test is your home’s HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score. A lower score indicates better energy efficiency. A new home that’s been built to code has a HERS score of 100. If your home has a score of 150, it’s 50 percent less energy efficient than a new house that meets the current code requirements. A score of 55 implies your home is 45 percent more efficient than a new house built to code.

Infrared (IR) Camera Scan

An IR camera scan measures the temperature variations along your home’s surfaces. It can be done from the outside or inside the house to detect hot and cold spots respectively. The scan allows you to know the areas with missing insulation and air leaks.

Once you’ve had these tests performed and discovered the problem areas, you can correct them and truly improve home energy efficiency. Remember, these tests will only be as effective as the specialized contractors performing them, so do your research to avoid hiring a subpar contractor.

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